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Welcome to the Cart Wizard, the software that makes starting up a secure virtual store easy! In no time at all, you will create a secure web-based store on your website that lets your customers complete an order and pay by credit card. You will not need to understand web design or HTML. The Cart Wizard does it all for you!

What is the Cart Wizard?
  • The Cart Wizard is a utility that allows you to build a virtual storefront from a web based interface.
  • The Cart Wizard will build all the HTML and database files required for your virtual store a the click of a button.
  • The Cart Wizard works with the Hassan Cart.
  • You can add unlimited products and categories to your virtual storefront.
  • You can have three different shipping zones, all with different shipping costs.
  • Your orders will be emailed to the email address you specify minus the credit card information.
  • You will retrieve the credit card information via the Secure Orders tab on the above toolbar.

What is the Hassan Cart?
The Hassan Cart allows your website to track visitors as they pass from page to page, keeping track of items clicked on and information sent by the user. When the user exits, totals can be calculated and orders/data will be sent. More information about the Hassan Cart can be found here

Before you start
Ensure your store information is already ready before you start.

You will find the following information useful in your planning:

  • Product information
  • Shipping and tax information
  • Graphics - Your store logo and graphics of each of your products. These graphics should be web ready. Web ready means they are sized correctly for web use.