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Current as of April 1997

PBS 128 - X1/9 Racing Engines
Price List

PROJECT X1/9 Guide to X1/9 preparation for SCCA production racing $9.00

Big Valve Head includes valves, springs, retainers, etc. exchange price $480.00

Complete Big Valve Head includes cam box with valve lash adjusted and reground SX1 or S2 cam exchange price $595.00

Match customer's stock intake manifold to big valve intake ports $40.00

Ported F or G production cylinder head for use PBS forged racing pistons (less valves and springs) exchange price $550.00

Larger single 2-Throat European Lancia carb fits stock X1/9 or 128 manifold $440.00

Twin downdraft 40 DCNF weber carbs with special intake manifold, linkage*, and air cleaners (specify X1/9 or 128) $1050.00
Less air cleaners $950.00
*cable throttle recommended for 128, but not included.

Twin downdraft manifold wit carb-heat shields, mounting studs and gaskets (for DCNF type carbs) $140.00

Twin Sidedraft 45 DCOE Weber carbs with manifold throttle levers and air filters (no linkage) (requires mods to car for clearance) $830.00

Twin sidedraft manifold for DCOE type carbs includes gaskets and spring type carb mounting hardware $150.00

Reground Cams specify SX-1 or S-2 exchange $75.00

High pressure, oil pressure relief spring $5.00

Complete ported F or G production cylinder head includes new ductile iron racing cam, cam box, lightened valves, and racing spring kit with valve lash adjusted exchange price $850.00

4 Branch tubing headers (X1/9 only) $165.00 (with Lambda sensor port) $180.00

Lightened stock intake valves each $20.00

Lighted stock exhaust valves each $29.00

Racing valve spring kit $84.00

40mm Intake valve $24.00

Twin Weber carbs jetted for X1/9 or 128 with throttle letters (specify 40 DCNF or 45 DCOE and application)
Weber 40 DCNF $810.00
Weber 45 DCOE $825.00

Oil control baffle for use with stock oil pan (specify application including crank stroke, rod type, X1/9 or 128 pan)
(dry sump) $95.00
(wet sump) $105.00

Head Gasket $24.00

Smaller diameter aluminum crank pulley (3" O.D.) $65.00

1300cc Forged steel connecting rods set $650.00

Lightened stock iron flywheel exchange $55.00

Legal in California ONLY for racing vehicles which may NEVER be used upon a highway. Disclaimer applies to everything in this price list

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Created: 5/19/97
Last Modified: 5/19/97

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