The Secure module


The Secure module is a file called To install it you must put it in your cgi directory along with the file. Then you must use the Shopping Cart Configuration File Generator to generate your shop.cfg file. Make sure you check Yes to the question Use Secure Module? Also make sure you fill in the path to the secure file.

If you do not want to or can't use the Configuration File Generator the shop.cfg portion related to this module is explained here.

The secure file is the location the Shopping Cart writes the order information to. You should make a sub-directory to hold the secure file. This secure file should be accessible from the web if you wish to use SSL to retrieve it. The complete order information including the credit information will be written to this file. You will still receive your normal email receipt, but it will not include the credit card information. The secure file is appended to everytime a new order comes in. Delete the secure file via FTP when you want to reset it.

You should password protect the directory the secure file is written to, if it in a directory that is accessible via the web. If you have put the secure file in a directory not accessible via the web, then just use FTP to retrieve it. If you are retrieving the secure file via the web use the correct path to your secure server to retrieve it. ex:

If you are using the secure server to handle the email form with the Shopping Cart and your secure server runs as user nobody (UNIX), then you must make the permissions on the directory the secure file is stored in 777. To do this with standard command line FTP use this command "site chmod 777 /admin", where /admin is the name of the directory where the secure file is stored.

To remove the secure.txt file just FTP into your website and delete the file. It will be recreated with the next new order. Make sure you do not change the permissions on the /secure directory.

To store each order in a different file set $different_file = '1'; in the shop.cfg file. The orders will be stored in secure/orders when this option is enabled. (make sure that directory exists.)

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