The Shopping Cart Search Feature
The Shopping Cart allows your users to search the product names in your product database file. (product_list.txt) To make this work in your cart setup a page with this HTML on it:

<form method=POST action="MY_URL/page=results.html">
Search Type:
<input type=radio selected name=query_type checked value=OR> OR
<input type=radio name=query_type value=AND> AND
Enter your search terms:<br>
<input type=text name=query_string size=25>
<input type=submit value="Search">

The next page, which in this case would be results.html, should have the tag PUT_SEARCH_RESULTS_HERE on it somewhere. This will display the items found with an option to purchase the items found. Make sure you have the $cart_page set to the correct page (i.e. shop.html) in the shop.cfg file. Also the MY_URL variable must be set correctly.

Example: (in the shop.cfg file)

$cart_page = 'shop.html';
$MY_URL = '/cgi-local/';

See this search feature in operation

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