Description of email form variables

These variables are used when the mail=1 variable is passed to the Shopping Cart program. This form is typically called email.html or custdata.htm. Please make sure you use the correct case in the variables in the form.

Field NameDescription
name Name of customer
email Customer's email address
phone Customer's phone number
street Shipping Street Address
street2 Shipping Street Address 2
city Shipping City
state Shipping State
zip Shipping Zip Code
country Shipping Country
bstreet Billing Street Address
bstreet2 Billing Street Address 2
bcity Billing City
bstate Billing State
bzip Billing Zip Code
bcountry Billing Country
cctype Credit Card Type
ccard Credit Card Number
ccname Name on Credit Card
ccexpiry Credit Card Expiration Date
cvv2_code CID/CVV2 Code (used by the module)
gift_message Gift Message
gift_wrapped Gift Wrap (equals Y if gift wrapped)
comments Comments
company Company Name
payment_type Payment Type (can be check, money_order, cod, credit_card, paypal)

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