The Database File
The database file is usually called product_list.html or itemlist.txt. You can specify the filename for the database file in the shopping cart config file. This file is a pipe-delimited file with one record per line. Each line is ended with a newline character. Also each field in a record ends with a pipe symbol

Field Descriptions

Field #1Field #2Field #3Field #4Field #5Field #6Field #7Field #8
Item IDProduct NumberDescription PriceWeightTaxable?Image URLCategory #

Explanation of the fields in the Database File

Item ID
Usually numbers from 1 to whatever number of items you have in the database file. This can include any alphanumeric character. This value needs to be passed to the Shopping Cart when the user purchases an item.

For Example:

Product Number
Your internal product number for your company for that item. This gets emailed to the cart administrator in the administrative receipt.

The description of the product you want your customer to see when they get their email receipt or view their shopping cart contents.

The price of the item. It must include the cents. No commas or dollar signs are allowed.

For Example: 129.00

the weight of the item in pounds. You can use decimal points in this number. (e.g. 0.5) This field is only used when you use the UPS ground shipping algorithm option. This field is not required when not using the UPS shipping algorithm.

Is this item taxable? Use a 1 if the item is not taxable, anything else if it is taxable. An empty field means to charge tax.

Image URL
Only used by the Dynamic Page Generation Module. It is the URL of an image of the item.

Only used by the Dynamic Page Generation Module. The category number of the item. The category number can be found in the category_list.txt file.

The product list contains order information about each item you wish to make available through the Shopping Cart program. The Shopping Cart usually comes with product list file named product_list.txt or itemlist.txt , which is used in conjunction with the demo. You may modify this existing product list file (found within the /shop or /basket directory) or create your own. You can use a plain text editor (Notepad, WordPad, Teachtext, etc.) to create or modify this file (be sure to save as plain text).

The product list contains one line of information for each product that you sell. Each line contains 4 or 5 specific sections of information that the Shopping Cart program needs to create the order. A pipe symbol "|" (hold shift and hit the key below the Backspace/Delete key) is used to separate each of these 4 or 5 sections of information. Therefore, make sure you do not use this symbol in any of your descriptions; use it only to separate the 4 or 5 categories.

Item ID                 Product Description          Weight 
 |                      |                             (only for UPS shipping charts)  
 |    Product Number    |                       Price    |
 |    |                 |                       |        |
1|AX-65000|Conner CS2000DATi 2.0GB SCSI-2 Int|1312.00|2.2|1|
2|AX-65001|Conner 2-4GB Turbo DAT,SCSI,5.25 Int|913.00|1.3||
3|AX-65002|Conner TSM4000R-SBE 4GB Int. SCSI|543.00|1.6||

Example Database File

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