The Cybercash Module


Allows you process credit card transactions via a Cybercash server live, right when your customer's order is sent with Hassan Consulting's Shopping Cart. The credit card information is never emailed to you, instead it just goes to the Cybercash server. Installation is included in this price. This works with version 2.x of the Cybercash server software. This module does not work with Cybercash version 3.x. This module only works with mauthonly transactions.


The Cybercash module is a file called To install it you must put it in your cgi directory along with the file. Then you must use the Shopping Cart Configuration File Generator to generate your shop.cfg file. Make sure you check Yes to the question Use Cybercash Module? Also make sure you fill in your Cybercash secret key, your Cybercash server name, and your Cybercash server port number. If you do not know this information, your web provider should.

Also in the file there are some lines of code in the beginning of the file that look like this:

# BSD systems

# use CCLib qw(SetServer sendmserver);

# non-BSD systems

use CCLibNN qw(SetServer sendmserver);

These lines control where the Cybercash libraries are loaded in from.

You can ignore the BSD/non-BSD systems lines, you just need to make sure you use the correct Cybercash library for you system. Typically this is CClib not CClibNN.

If you do not want to or can't use the Configuration File Generator the shop.cfg portion related to this module is explained here.

Once you install the correct shop.cfg file in your cgi directory, then a Cybercash transaction should be generated everytime a user puts through an order. Note, the credit card information will not be emailed to you anymore, it will be sent in encrypted format to the Cybercash server, where you can review it later.

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