The Authorize.Net Module


Allows you process credit card transactions via Authorize.Net's server live, right when your customer's order is sent with Hassan Consulting's Shopping Cart. The credit card information is never emailed to you, instead it is sent to the Authorize.Net server. Installation is included in this price. This module works with Authorization Only and Normal Authorization transactions. This module is also compatible with Intellipay credit card transactions.


The Authorize.Net module is a file called It works on servers running UNIX and Windows NT. It should be installed in your cgi directory. The shop.cfg portion related to this module is explained here.

Once you install the correct shop.cfg file in your cgi directory, then a Authorize.Net transaction should be generated everytime a user puts through an order from the email form. Note, the credit card information will not be emailed to you anymore, it will be sent to the Authorize.Net server, where you can review it later. Make sure you do require a referring URL in your Authorize.Net control panel otherwise the Authorize.Net module will not work. The referring URL set in your Authorize.Net control panel should match the $auth_refer variable in your shop.cfg file. The version of transactions should be set to 3.0 in your Authorize.Net control panel and you should require a password under ADC settings.
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